Having your loved one at home full-time can feel stressful, especially when you feel obligated to care for them and feel like you need to keep them busy. One of the best things you can do to ensure your senior has someone to chat with and someone who can help them each day, even part-time, is hiring companion care at home. These professionals will chat with your seniors and keep them company and help them develop a routine and care plan with activities included. If you need some ideas to keep your senior loved one busy, here are some activities they might fall in love with and be able to do with companion care.

Make Meals Together

If a senior loves to cook but needs help with knives, turning on the oven, or remembering times, it can feel dangerous to let them in the kitchen alone. However, someone like companion care at home, acts as an extra set of eyes and hands. This means your senior can continue to create new recipes and cook them with help. If they can no longer cook, this is something else that home care may be able to help with! Some professionals can prepare meals for your loved one.

Playing Games

Depending on who your senior is, they may want to play games with other people, or they may want to play solo games. If you have enough space, set up a puzzle table for them to work on a puzzle or even a space where they can solo paint or draw. If they want something different, you can set up a tablet with games for them! Teach them how to use it so they can pick out their own games too. Some tablet games will let a senior also connect with others in a game, like word games!

Listen to Music

No matter what age you are or the disability you have, music can connect you to the world around you and help you identify emotions. Help a senior find a way to turn on music. Whether it’s on a turntable, iPod, tablet, or even in movies, it’s important to find something they love. Some movies have long versions that your senior may love! It can be a fun way to fill up seniors’ time.

Arts and Crafts

A senior of any age can find something they love to do. They can sit down and draw, paint, make jewelry, or even arrange flowers and centerpieces! If your senior knows how to use tech, help them install Pinterest for some fun DIY (do it yourself) art projects! If they are handy and able to, they can easily create something amazing for their home or your home. They have all the time to perfect the craft of their choice.

Outdoor Walks

You may be worried about your senior going out alone, and that’s a reasonable fear. However, that should not prevent you from allowing your senior to go out. It’s important to walk around for at least 30 minutes every day. Help them find friends or a group to walk with or ask companion care at home to go on walks with them if they can.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering Companion Care at Home in Coral Gables, FL please contact the caring staff at Elite Care At Home today at (305) 231-0555.

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