In-Home Skilled Nursing Services

We Offer the Most Comprehensive In-Home Skilled Nursing Care in Miami and Surrounding Cities

We offer in-home skilled nursing care as part of our home care services. Nursing care is not just registered nurses (RN’s). It’s a team that works in tandem with your physician to provide the best quality home health care for you or your loved one.

We provide nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists and even speech therapists as needed, to oversee the clinical care plan laid out by your physician. Once you provide us with a doctor’s order, we will work hand in hand with your doctor and insurance company to obtain the authorization needed to provide the needed level of care for your loved one.

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We Provide The Needed Level of Nursing Care to Provide Your Loved One With A Peace of Mind

A registered senior care nurse (RN) can make executive calls about taking action in an emergency. At all other times, they work under the attending physician. An RN can administer injections, direct medications through any medium necessary without supervision. They can change bandages and perform wound care. The senior care we provide at Elite Care at Home is one of the most comprehensive senior care programs in Miami & South Florida. We also have some of the best trained RN’s in the state.

An LPN is a Licensed Practical Nurse. They do much what an RN does but their orders come through an RN and the physician. They can’t make executive calls about patient care. They are to only follow a plan of care set upon by the senior healthcare team. They’re typically who are in charge of CNA’s.

A CNA is a Certified Nurse’s Aide. This is a caregiver that is a step above a health aide companion and one step below an LPN. The job of the CNA is custodial care and some pseudo clinical actions. They may change a colostomy bag, drain a catheter bag but not change the catheter, that’s for the RN or LPN and they do medication reminders. The health aide and CNA do much the same thing as far as custodial duties like homemaking and meal prep.

Why You May Need in Home Nursing Care

There are many reasons why you or a loved one would need a skilled nurse in your own home.  The reasons for needing at home assistance through home health care range from temporary recovery periods, to partial disability to serious illness.

For example, if you just had surgery and don’t have anyone to look after you, then at home nursing assistance is a viable option. When you’re in recovery and can stay home, but are too weak or physically incapacitated to travel to a hospital, then you can receive skilled help in the comfort of your home. Skilled home nursing care services is a great alternative to staying in a rehabilitation facility, or having a family member act as the primary care giver.

The degree of help needed will be determined by your physician, and we will accommodate accordingly. It’s important to keep in mind that an RN or LPN is needed only when a more serious condition is being tended to or if there’s a short-term illness that’s more clinically intensive. Otherwise, a home health aide is sufficient to carry out the at home care needed.

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How do I Choose the Private Nursing Provider?

Choosing the right at-home nurse for your loved one is not a task you need to do alone. We’re here to learn your specific needs and find you a physician that best fits the needed criteria to provide the best care for your needs. Whether it’s skilled services like dementia care or private duty non medical services, we have options that fit all levels of need.

The fastest way to get the care that you need is to have a care plan set out with your doctor prior to the medical treatment. If you are recovering from an unexpected accident or illness, then consulting with your doctor post treatment can help guide the conversation. We will work with your doctor and insurance carrier every step of the way to provide you and your family with the assistance you need.

Call us today and let us answer any questions that weren’t addressed here. We’re here to help and we know that times of illness, pain, and injury is a challenge when organizing care. Your time with us will be unlike any experience you’ve ever had. Call us now.