Specialty Care

Hospice Care

Our compassionate and experienced team proudly serves clients who are receiving hospice services. Our services complement the hospice services and coordinate the care with the hospice team. We pick up where hospice doesn’t. Whether it be for a few hours a day or 24 hour care we are here to provide you with the most comfortable care in your home.

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Elite Care at Home

Palliative Care

We work with the local hospice organizations by providing the clients relief from the symptoms and stress of a serious illness with our experienced staff of professionals i.e., therapists in the home.

Respite Care

Caring for a loved one is very rewarding but also very demanding and draining for the caregiver. Elite Care At Home’s team of caring professionals offers respite care and much needed relief for caregivers. You can hire our staff for any duration whether it be for a few hours or 24 hour assistance.

Physical Therapy

Therapy is a big part of recuperating from injury or living with a long-term illness. Our Physical Therapists specialize in in-home physical therapy that will guide you to your optimum recovery provided in the privacy of your own home. The specialized treatment is prescribed by your physician.

Our in-home Physical Therapists will assist you through:

Providing home safety evaluations, regaining muscle strength and functional mobility, improving your range of motion (ROM), improving balance and much more.

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists provide extremely functional treatments in the comfort of your home. Our in-home OT will formulate ways to make you more comfortable with activities of daily living (ADLS), personal hygiene, getting dressed, comfortable with meal times and more so that you can maintain your independence in your home.  

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Speech Therapy

Our Speech-Language Pathologists will work with you and your family to provide solutions in the event you experience your voice beginning to fade, speech becomes difficult to understand, swallowing becomes difficult, cognitive-communication disorders, and oral-motor skills. Our in-home ST will assess and create an intensive treatment plan for you which will enhance your independence and quality of life.

Goals of the SLP include but not limited to:

Maximizing a client’s functional independence in communicating and swallowing, reduce the risk of aspiration and choking, increase the client’s and caregiver’s knowledge of speech, language and swallowing disorders and of appropriate treatment processes.

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Our agency provides in-home care in your southern home too. We will coordinate the services with your medical provider and have them submit the doctor’s assessment to our agency. We then coordinate with you to schedule a nurse assessment upon your arrival and work with you on choosing the best caregiver that fits your needs.

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Skilled Nursing Care

Our highly trained and experienced skilled nurses (LPNS and RNS) can provide more skilled and complex nursing services to our clients when it is medically required and prescribed by a physician in your home.

Services include but are not limited to:

Clinical assessment and evaluation, medication set-up, medication administration, diabetic care & monitoring and insulin administration, wound care, dressing changes, catheter care, ostomy/colostomy care, tube feeding, infusion therapies and injections, prevention and treatment of skin issues, pain management and skilled hospice support.

International Clients

Our agency provides quality home health services to our international clients. We offer an individualized approach to serving the needs of our international clients. We work with your medical team in the area hospitals and care managers to address your unique needs whether it be providing a hospital sitter to skilled care (nurses and therapists) in your local place of residence or even having a traveling escort travel with you back to your homeland.

Our agency accepts most international insurance plans and handle all of the billing process ourselves so you don’t have to and focus on your recovery.

Travel Companions

Elite provides travel companions for those clients needing extra assistance either for domestic or international travel. Our travel companions are experienced and knowledgeable individuals that provide the highest quality of care and support throughout your trip and provide travel assistance every step of the way to make your trip stress-free from beginning to end. The travel companion communicates with the family or responsible party throughout the entire trip to provide peace of mind and safely delivers the client to their destination.

Cancer Care

Home health care services after cancer treatment can make the transition home and recovery more comfortable and easier. After surgery, during chemotherapy or radiation treatments our experienced caregivers can prepare light and healthy meals, do light housework, help with bathing, dressing and personal hygiene, give medication reminders, provide companionship, help with exercising and provide transportation to and from doctors’ appointments or treatments. We also provide skilled nurses and therapists to help your recovery process. Our caregivers enable you or your other family members to rest assured your recovery is in the best hands possible.

The goal is to make it possible to remain safe and comfortable at home while having a good quality of life.

Children/Teenagers/Young Adults

Elite Care At Home provides non medical services to children, teenagers, and young adults with physical challenges. Our services allow for hourly care or live-in in the comfort of your home. Our team will assist you in maintaining your medically challenged child/teenager/young adult at home and will work with you to develop an individualized care plan. Our caregivers will assist with activities of daily living, companionship, household chores, shopping and errands. We offer temporary relief to parents or caregivers.

New Mom Support Services

Welcoming a new baby into your family is a wonderful experience. It can also be overwhelming. Elite Care At Home can give you an extra helping hand during pregnancy and when your baby is born. We can assist you with light housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, grocery shopping and errands. We can also tend to the baby for a while so you can rest and recuperate with peace of mind knowing an expert is there to assist you during this joyous but overwhelming time. Services can be arranged for any duration of time, day or night. Our experienced staff is ready and available to help you.

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Recovery from Illness/Surgery

When you are recuperating from an injury or illness, you will need as much rest as possible. Elite Care At Home can give you an extra hand so that you can rest and focus on getting well. We can help with light housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, grocery shopping and errands. We can also provide transportation to and from doctor’s appointments including the date of the surgery itself and any follow up appointments.

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