Sandwich-generation caregivers often struggle to balance everything they need to get done. You have your dad’s care needs as his health changes, but your children also need you as they have sports, theater, and other extra-curricular activities to manage.

Plus, you work full-time, so by the time you’ve done your work, helped your dad get to and from his appointments, and supported your children, you’re exhausted and wonder when it’s going to be your turn. You’re not alone and that’s why services like in-home care are so important.

Try to Schedule Appointments to Correspond With Yours

Do you and your dad have doctors at the same practice or hospital? If you do and you have an appointment coming up, see if you can make your dad’s appointments fall during, before, or after yours. You could take care of both appointments at the same time.

If you have a dental cleaning scheduled and your dad sees the same dentist, schedule cleanings at the same time. He is busy getting his teeth cleaned at the same time you are. That saves a lot of time.

How about your kids? Your dad’s doctor is in the same building as your child’s doctor. Arrange appointments to fall at the same time. The staff at your dad’s doctor can have him wait for you to pick him back up once your kid’s appointment ends.

Your siblings could do the same thing if any of them share a practice, doctor, or dentist with your dad. As long as someone is already going to be there, it makes sense to have your dad tag along for his appointment.

Create a Shared Calendar

Apps like Google Calendar help keep appointments organized. Provide access to other family caregivers and family members so that people can speak up if they have a day off and are happy to bring your dad to the doctor or dentist. This eases your schedule and ensures your dad has a ride and company during the appointment.

Be Honest With Yourself

Take a look at the appointments your dad has coming up and what else needs to be scheduled. Compare that list to your work hours, activities your children are involved in, and what time you’d want for yourself.

Once you’ve found where you simply cannot help your dad without straining your own self-care needs, note those appointments. You’d want to have an in-home care provider available for those days and times.

In-home care aides can help your family manage appointment days with ease. Instead of rushing to rearrange work schedules or your children’s extra-curricular activities, hire in-home care aides to accompany your dad to the appointments you can’t find time to attend.

Your dad won’t have to cancel and reschedule his appointments. You won’t have to worry about him missing important follow-up care due to your scheduling issues. Call an in-home care advisor to get started.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering In-Home Care in Sunny Isles, FL please contact the caring staff at Elite Care At Home today at (305) 231-0555.

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